👋 Hi, I’m Marcus - nice to meet you!

Languages: English, Swedish, so-so Spanish & Mandarin Chinese Pronouns: He / him / his

I have been at Twilio Segment for 3.5 years, starting as a staff engineer. Now I lead Data Collection & Data Activation.

Previous to Segment I tried my hand at my own startup, built an Alexa Skill, worked at a small startup, and spent 8 years at Salesforce (where I architected Salesforce Topics -- backbone for collaboration tool in Chatter & Community Cloud). During my time at Salesforce, I did some short stints in Paris & Stockholm.

My parents are from Sweden so I grew up speaking Swedish and visiting Sweden very summer. I am teaching our two kiddos (Maya 4 & Henry 2) Swedish while my wife is teaching them Mandarin.

Maya & Henry on their way to school!

🛠️ Work work work


My schedule is 9:30-5:15pst and sometimes getting on at 8:30pm when the kiddos have gone to sleep.


I enjoy async communication. I have notifications turned off permanently on my Slack. When it’s late at night, I like to schedule emails / slack to be sent in the morning as opposed to messaging folks at night. If you see a slack arriving exactly at 8am that is why.

I am on Manager Schedule so feel free to ping me anytime and I’ll prioritize appropriately.

You don’t need to schedule a meeting to have a Zoom/Slack call with me -- I’m totally fine with ad hoc calls. Based on my experience, 10 minutes Zoom call can be more productive than 30+ mins dialog in Slack 🙂 — If urgent, feel free to call or text me.


I’m not perfect and want to grow as a leader. I know, for example, I tend to be conflict averse. If you see an opportunity for me to be 10% better even I’d love it! Appreciate direct and if possible specific feedback! A DM in Slack or can always hop on a call to discuss works great too. Thank you!

🕺🏼 Outside of work

Mostly these days it’s just surviving the kids. If I’m healthy I’ll play pickup ultimate frisbee once a week. Otherwise travel to visit my brother in Sonoma County or do a quick bicycle ride up Tilden park. Once a year I like to meet my high school friends and go someplace low-key to catch up and play basketball — Boise was very nice.

Everything else I love…

  • Skiing — done a lot of downhill skiing, bit of off-piste, and a little telemarking. In a parallel life I would spend a lot more time on the slopes.
  • Coffee — I have lots of coffee devices and have roasted a fair bit of home roasting using a Popcorn Popper with advice from https://www.sweetmarias.com/
  • Podcasts - Throughline, Anthropocene Reviewed
  • Books - 3 body problem, Murakami books
  • vi

Things I dislike…

  • 2018 Macbook pro buttterflyyy keyyboard 😅